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For the 2019-20 school year, the Religious School is currently enrolling families in Family Track, the alternative, family-oriented, flexible alternative to our Sunday program.

The Family Track program is designed to bring children and parents “out of the classroom and in to the congregation.” While students enrolled in Family Track explore the same curriculum learned by children in the Sunday morning program, the learning is experiential and multi-generational. In addition, parents and siblings participate in all Family Track programming with their children, creating a unique and meaningful family experience.

Family Track is about you and your children learning together. We have many non-Jewish parents and Jewish parents with very minimal Jewish knowledge in our community.  In Family Track, we provide all the tools and materials you need to have a rich Jewish learning experience together – regardless of your depth of knowledge or experience with Judaism.

Each trimester, families (parents and children) enrolled in the Family Track are required to participate in:

One Congregational Education Day: Sunday Morning 10am - 12pm

  • Congregational Education Days include Congregational Learning Programs, Trip Day and Mitzvah Day.
  • Multi-generational learning experiences.

Three Havdalah Programs: 4:00 -7:00pm on Saturday afternoons

  • “Parallel learning” time with parents and children studying separately with our Rabbi, Cantor or other educators in age-based classrooms.
  • Potluck dinner and social time
  • One hour “family education” activity
  • Singing and havdalah (a brief ceremony that ends Shabbat)

Three Shabbat/Holiday Worship Services

  • Though we are encouraging families to come to our 6pm Friday service, you are welcomed to attend any service to fulfill this requirement.

Three Hours of “At-Home” Activities

  • Families choose activities from our list, such as Shabbat Dinners with friends and family, watching Jewish themed movies, reading books together, or doing a community service project.
  • Support materials provided for all activities

If you would like to participate in Family Track, please compare your calendars with the dates of planned Family Track activities below and contact the Religious School to enroll.  Please note that you must participate in all planned activities in order to get creadit for Family Track. For more infromation, please contact the Temple Sholom office or email Jennifer Levine, Director of Education, or Amy Winkler, Religious School Administrator.

Below are the key dates for Family Track, 2019-20:

Trimester 1: Lifecycles
Havdalah programs: Sept. 14, Oct. 26, Nov. 16, 4-7pm
Congregational Education Day: Nov. 24, 10am-noon

Trimester 2:  Exodus
Havdalah programs: Dec. 14, Jan. 25, Feb. 8, 4-7pm
Congregational Education Day: Feb. 23, 10am-noon

Trimester 3:  Medieval & Rabbinic History
Havdalah programs: March 14, April 18, May 2, 4-7pm
Congregational Education Day: May 17, 10am-noon

Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780