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Kesher Blog

Welcome to the beginning of Kesher.

Kesher Trimester 1 (2017/18) – Shabbat

Dates: 9/17-11/5  (seven  45-minute sessions) 11:15 – Noon 

  • Intro and Sign Up: 9/17
  • Full Working days: 10/1, 10/ 8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29 
  • Wrap up Presentation Day: 11/5

Here are the first trimester's Kesher club choices. I will do my best to give everyone their first or second choice. Note: I intend to divide the clubs as equally as possible – With three different Kesher trimesters throughout the year, I will try to give each person his or her first choice at least once. - Ellen

Shabbatify with Andy Rubin – This kesher club is for music fans, focusing on how you can enhance your celebration of Shabbat at home through music. Several guests from our Temple community will come to speak about the music they feel enhances their own Shabbat experiences. Throughout the trimester, you will be working on composing your personal Shabbat playlist(s) and preparing a little write-up on how your particular choices help you bring the spirit of Shabbat into your own home.

Beautifying Shabbat with Rachel Binkowitz – This kesher club is for crafters, focusing on making beautiful ritual objects for our Temple Shabbat dinner tables (ie decorated candle sticks, challah covers, etc.). You will learn about Hiddur Mitzvah, the Jewish concept of enhancing mitzvot, and build on this Kesher experience by planning ways you can make your own home feel extra special for Shabbat to differentiate it from the rest of the week.

Totes Shabbat with Erika Green – This kesher club is for people who want an opportunity to think creatively about a wide variety of ways to make Shabbat special at home or on the go! You will get a chance to brainstorm as a group to come up with activities to do and not to do to make Shabbat special. You will also have time to work on putting together resources that relate to the activities you choose: i.e. creating a Shabbat trivia game, preparing a cool Jewish movie list, coming up with Table Topics to discuss at the Shabbat dinner table… Use your creativity, individuality, and your knowledge of Shabbat to create a Shabbat box of activities that you can use each week to enhance your family’s Shabbat experience at home!

By the end of this trimester, each group will have created resources to share with each other and with our Temple community to make Shabbat at home special for everybody.

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyar 5784