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Shabbat services

Shabbat shalom.

Friday evening worship

You are invited to join us for Shabbat worship in one of two ways: Participating (through this link) or watching (see below). Services begin at 7:30pm. On the last Friday of the month, our service begins at 6pm. (Make sure to bring your instruments.)

Saturday morning worship

This week we will be celebrating the double simchah of both Emerson Carton and her mother, Mindy, leading services as b'not mitzvah.  The service begins at 10am and can be watched on the stream below, or you can follow the link here.

1) Watch - through the embedded YouTube viewer below you can watch the service that is being led remotely.  No one can see you, nor can the service leaders hear your participation, or see your comments in real time.  (The link should be live by a few minutes before the service. If the link is not working for you, try refreshing your screen, or closing your browser and re-opening it.)

2) Participate - You have the option to be seen by the other participants (and on the YouTube above, through the non-publicized link), to see who else is on the Zoom part of the service, and to participate when invited.

Join - Follow the Zoom link (in blue above for the service you wish to join). Even if you have never used Zoom, you can use this link on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Agree to the download and a window will open.  We ask you to stay muted through most of the service (Not only are background noises distracting, but it will make your video move to the featured position, instead of the service leaders.) 

View - You should have the choice of gallery (graphic of nine squares in a square formation) or speaker view.  Gallery gives you a "Brady Bunch" arrangement of many of the participants. Speaker view gives you a row of participants with the speaker featured in a larger square.  We recommend speaker view for the service. At times during the service, we will post slides with the prayers  At that time, the windows of participants will shrink to the side or top of your screen.

Chat - You can also chat with other participants through the chat feature - with all participants, or with specific ones in the pulldown tab.  Be careful which you select.  The service leaders may not be able to check messages sent to them during the service.

Video - You can toggle between being seen by others or not, with the video icon in the Zoom window.  It is usually next to the microphone icon that toggles whether you are heard or muted.

Shabbat shalom to all.


Rabbi Joel N Abraham

High HolyDay Services

Members can find all the High HolyDay sign on information here.  You will need to sign in. If you have never signed in before, click on my account, enter your e-mail that the Temple uses, and click on "forgot password" to set up your log in.

All services are livestreamed, and you can watch them in the window below, or by clicking on the window to go to the livestreaming link.

Yom Kippur - begins sundown, Sunday, September 27th

Kol Nidrei - 7:30pm

Yom Kippur Day

Family Service - 9am (for children under 3rd grade and their families)

Congregational Shacharit/Morning Service - 10am

Minchah/Afternoon Service - 3:30pm

Yizkor/Memorial Service - 5:45pm

N'ilah/Concluding Service - 6:15pm



Below are services from the 5779 High Holy Days services that were streamed:



Sun, September 27 2020 9 Tishrei 5781