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Streaming services

High HolyDays at Temple Sholom 5783

Shanah Tovah!

Rosh haShanah, and Yom Kippur services can joined here via Zoom if you have a ticket

or can be streamed at this link.

IMPORTANT: To admit you to the zoom service, we must recognize your name as a member of Temple Sholom or an expected guest. If your zoom “Display Name” does not match a name we would have on file, look in the Zoom chat for a message from the Zoom host asking for help identifying you. If you can log in to your Zoom account, you can change your Display Name to match what’s likely on the Zoom host’s list of expected attendees – probably your full name or that of a family member. If you have extended trouble being admitted, you can also view our livestream from

Yom Kippur

Wednesday, October 4th

Kol Nidrei Service, 7:30pm - Our past presidents will join us on the bimah to hold our Torah scrolls as we make covenant to worship together. Kol Nidrei will be sung by our Cantor and choir, accompanied by cello and organ.

Thursday, October 5th

Yom Kippur Family Service, 9am - This service is for families with children not yet entering 3rd grade. Led by Michelle Shapiro Abraham and featuring a special guest on guitar. (Sorry no apples and honey.)

Yom Kippur Shacharit (Morning Service), 10:30am - Our regular Yom Kippur morning worship service will include the Temple Sholom choir and our aliyot to honor different groups of congregants. Childcare is available with pre-registration here.

Yom Kippur Minchah (Afternoon Service), 2pm - This year's Minchah service will be back in person and will include the beatiful Mishkan haNefesh Avodah service.  (If you are interested in being a reader, please reach out to the office.)

Yom Kippur Yizkor (Memorial Service), 5:15pm - We take a moment to remember all those who are no longer with us, physically.  (If you are  interested in lighting one of the seven yizkor candles in the service, or would like a Book of Memory sent to you, please let us know.)

Yom Kippur N'ilah (Concluding Service), 5:45pm - We come back together as a congregation, as the gates of repentance close, for one final blast of the shofar.

Break the Fast will follow.


Sunday, October 9th

Sukkah Build, 10am - Our Men's Club will lead the construction of our new Sukkah. Help us build and decorate the booth where we will celebrate for the next week.

Dinner in the Sukkah, 5pm - Start off Sukkot with a meal together in our Temple sukkah. Register here.

Sukkot Aravit (Evening Service), 7pm - After our brief welcome service for this harvest holiday, we will have a chance to rejoice in the sukkah with lulav and etrog.

Monday, October 10th

Sukkot in the Woods Service, 10am - This Temple Sholom tradition begins in our sukkah and takes us to worship into the back of our property, through the woods, and by our stream.

Simchat Torah

Sunday, October 16th

Nosh in the Sukkah - 5:30pm - A final chance to eat in the sukkah as the holiday draws to a close.

Simchat Torah Aravit/Consecration, 6pm - Celebrate with our newest students as we unroll the Torah scroll all around our congregation and read through from end to beginning.

Monday, October 17th

Sukkot Yizkor/Simchat Torah Shacharit (Morning Service), 10am - We mark the renewal of our Torah cycle and remember those whose Torah has been part of our life learning.

Shabbat services

Shabbat shalom!

Friday Evening Shabbat Services

You are invited to join us for Shabbat worship in one of three ways: Participating onsite in our sanctuary, connecting online via Zoom through this link, or watching the live stream (see below for instructions). 

Friday Shabbat services begin at 7:30pm. On the last Friday of the month, our service begins at 6pm. (If you are worshipping from home, make sure to bring your instruments.) 

Masking is optional for all present in the building. Congregants who are symptomatic, or who have been exposed to COVID, should remain at home and participate in services on-line. Congregants are encouraged to act according to their own decisions regarding in-person attendance at services. We ask that you take into account the health of all the members of our community, and act with care and compassion.  We will continue to offer all services on-line as well as in-person.


Friday, September 23rd, 7:30pm - Rosh haShanah is almost upon us.  Join us for the last Shabbat of 5782, as we prepare for Rosh haShanah which begins on Sunday evening. Parshat Nitzavim

Friday, September 30th, 6pm - Sunset Kabbalat Shabbat Shuvah (Nosh at 5:30) - Our monthly early service. We'll provide the instruments, if you join us in the sanctuary. If you are at home, you'll need to supply your own. This Shabbat is part of the ten days of repentance, between Rosh haShanah and Yom Kippur and is therfore called Shabbat Shuvah - the Shabbat of return. Parshat Vayeilech

Saturday Morning Shabbat Worship - 10am

The Fall B'nai Mitzvah schedule (5783) will begin with Addison Bornstein on October 8th, finishing up for her class. The new class will begin with Benjamin Lipsky on October 22nd. You can join us by clicking on this link.


Online instructions for all services:
1) Connect and participate - You have the option to be seen by the other participants (and on the YouTube below), to see who else is on the Zoom part of the service, and to participate when invited.

Join: Follow the Zoom link (in blue above for the service you wish to join). Even if you have never used Zoom, you can use this link on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Agree to the download and a window will open.  We ask you to stay muted through most of the service (Not only are background noises distracting, but it will make your video move to the featured position, instead of the service leaders.) 

View: You should have the choice of gallery (graphic of nine squares in a square formation) or speaker view.  Gallery gives you a "Brady Bunch" arrangement of many of the participants. Speaker view gives you a row of participants with the speaker featured in a larger square.  We recommend speaker view for the service. At times during the service, we will post slides with the prayers  At that time, the windows of participants will shrink to the side or top of your screen.

Chat: You can also chat with other participants through the chat feature - with all participants, or with specific ones in the pulldown tab.  Be careful which you select.  The service leaders may not be able to check messages sent to them during the service.

Video: You can toggle between being seen by others or not, with the video icon in the Zoom window.  It is usually next to the microphone icon that toggles whether you are heard or muted.

2) Watch - through the embedded YouTube viewer below you can watch the service that is being led remotely.  No one can see you, nor can the service leaders hear your participation, or see your comments in real time.  (The link should be live by a few minutes before the service. If the link is not working for you, try refreshing your screen, or closing your browser and re-opening it.)

You can find a collection of previous Temple Sholom services preserved on our YouTube channel - sholomnj.


Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783