Rosh Chodesh

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Rosh Chodesh - a symbol of renewal

Join us as we gather to explore women's spiritual qualities within Judaism each month on the new moon.

Rosh Chodesh means “head of the month”. The month begins with the appearance of the new moon, thus we call the day Rosh Chodesh. Jewish women have been marking Rosh Chodesh as a time for prayer and study, as well as the opportunity to take stock of our lives, revise our behavior, commitments and our goals while experiencing an extraordinary bonding.

The next Rosh Chodesh gathering will be on

October 10th, 7pm

Please RSVP to the temple office.

We will also meet on November 16th & December 18th

Questions? Contact Linda Wolf  908-322-2815

or Barbara Cooke 732-829-0761