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Religious school games

Have fun playing these original games designed by Ellen Berman. 

Read the instructions for each game below and then click the link to play the game, which will load in a new browser tab.

Passover Board Game
by Ellen Berman and Ashley Smith
Thank you to Ellen Berman for creating this Passover Board game and thanks to Ashley Smith for her tech skills making it possible for you to play online!
Instructions for the Passover Board Game

1) Choose a game piece from the left side of the board. (You can click and drag it to the START.)
2) Click on the spinner to find out how many spaces you can move.
3) Click on Draw a card to get your trivia question
4a) If you get a Discussion Question, read the question out loud, answer it, and click CLOSE on the question, and then move your game piece based on the number you got on the spinner.
4b) If you get a Multiple Choice Question, read the question and multiple answers out loud, choose your answer, click Show answer to see if you were correct. (And click x to close the trivia card.) If you got the right answer, you move forward the number of spaces you got on the spinner. If you got the wrong answer, you stay where you are until your next turn.
5) You win if you get to the You Win space or if you get the farthest for the amount of time you have to play!

Note: The rules above are one way to play the game. You might make slightly different rules with your family if you choose to do so.
**To Play on Zoom: Whoever shares the game page on Zoom does the spinning, draws the cards, and moves the pieces.
Click the link below to access our fun Passover Board game with people at home or over Zoom with friends and family!!
Happy Passover!
Chanukah Board Game

Instructions: Whoever shares the game page on Zoom does the spinning, draws the cards, and moves the pieces.
Link to the board game:

Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784