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When the Jewish people entered into covenant with God at Mount Sinai, we took Torah upon ourselves. Torah is not only the scroll of the Five Books of Moses; it literally means "teaching." If Judaism is meant to be a core part of who we are and a guide to our daily lives, then our understanding of Judaism must grow and change as we grow and change. 

Judaism has a study practice known as chevrutah which says that true learning only happens when you have someone sitting across from you who can challenge and add depth to your learning. The Rabbis said that the Divine Presence was found when two people studied together. At Temple Sholom, we treasure this ancient tradition and know that Jewish texts, classic and modern, are only alive when we sit together and argue about what they mean. Ben Zoma used to say, "Who is wise? The one who learns from all people." We strive to be wise; each of us brings our own unique knowledge to the table as we sit and study together.

Fri, April 12 2024 4 Nisan 5784