NEW Eitz Chayim Classes with Rabbi Abraham

Tuesday Mornings, 10:30am

Introduction to Talmud - The Talmud is the foundational text of Rabbinic Judaism, and we make all sorts of assumptions about what it is, without having a chance to actually dig in. This class will learn about what the Talmud is - and what it is not, as well as get a chance to join in the classic debates of the Rabbis.

Thursday Evenings

Comparative Judaism, Thursdays, 8-9pm -Join us as we learn about the different streams of contemporary Judaism - a brief history, a little bit about differences and similarity in practice, and, perhaps, some field trips. 

Modern Dilemmas, Thursdays, 9-10pm - Join us as we learn about Reform Judaism's take on current issues - some of which may be current political topics (immigration, abortion, school choice); others may be more societal (role of women, intermarriage, identity). 

The Thursday classes are part of our Adult Confirmation program, but are open to all.