Holiday Calendar


S’lichot                                        Saturday, September 1

Family Activity (all ages)                                                                                             5:15pm

S’lichot BBQ                                                                                                                6:00pm

Havdalah / Oneg                                                                                                        6:45pm

S’lichot Service                                                                                                            7:00pm

Community S’lichot Program at Temple Emanu-El                                                8:00pm

(sponsored by the Central NJ Va'ad haRabbanim)

Rosh haShanah                             Sunday, September 9

Aravit (Evening) Service                                                                                              7:30pm

                                                    Monday, September 10

Children’s Service (2nd grade & younger                                                                 9:00am
(Free & Open to All)

Shacharit (Morning) Service                                                                                     10:30am
(Tickets Required)

Rosh haShanah Reception / Taschlich                                                       following services

                                                     Tuesday, September 11

Rosh haShanah II Shacharit Service                                                                         10:30am
(Tickets Required)

2nd Day Pray & Play                                                                                                   11:00am
(Free & Open to All)

Yom Kippur                                 Tuesday, September 18

Kol Nidre                                                                                                                     7:30pm                       

                                                  Wednesday, September 19

Children’s Service (2nd grade & younger)                                                               9:00am
(Free & Open to All)

Shacharit (Morning) Service                                                                                     10:30am
(Tickets Required)

Yom Kippur Discussion                                                                                               1:30pm
(Tickets Required)

Musical Meditation                                                                                                    2:30pm
(Tickets Required)

Minchah (Afternoon) Service                                                                                     3:45pm
(Tickets Required)

Yizkor (Memorial) Service                                                                                          5:45pm
(No Tickets Required)

N’ilah (Concluding) Service                                                                                        6:15pm
(No Tickets Required)

Break Fast                                                                                                  following services

Sukkot                                          Sunday, September 23                                                    

Sukkot Aravit  (Evening) Service                                                                                 7:00pm

                                                    Monday, September 24

Sukkot Shacharit (Morning) Service in the Woods                                                  10:00am

Simchat Torah                             Sunday, September 30

Simchat Torah Aravit (Evening) Service & Consecration                                           6:00pm

                                                        Monday, October 1

Simchat Torah Shacharit (Morning) and Sukkot Yizkor (Memorial Service)            10:00am

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