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High HolyDays 5781 Information



Avinu Malkeinu, renew us. – Mishkan haNefesh

Dear Temple Sholom Family,

As plans for this year’s High Holiday Services have progressed, it has become clear to both the Temple Leadership and the Religious Practices Committee that the Temple will not be able to hold our traditional High Holiday Services in person this year.  Instead, we propose to offer a full schedule of virtual worship services, combined with a limited number of “in-person” activities, such as a drive in Shofar service, that will allow us to conform to current CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and hygienic practices. 
Our over-arching concern in making this difficult decision is to ensure the health and well-being or our congregation, many of whom are members of groups that are particularly vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately, current guidelines recommend steps and procedures that simply cannot be satisfied if our full congregation is in attendance at services. For one, current guidelines limit the number of people who can assemble in an indoor space to around fifty, a limit that is not likely to be lifted by the start of High Holy Days. Second, social distancing recommendations cannot be met if the full congregation is in attendance at services, given the size of our sanctuary. In neither case would it be equitable or practicable to ration seats to a limited number of congregants. Third, current guidelines discourage singing and chanting in indoor settings because it promotes the spread of the Covid-19 virus.The use of masks may reduce this risk somewhat, but many of our congregants would find them to be uncomfortable, and detrimental to their full enjoyment of the services. Finally, the guidelines strongly discourage the use of shared equipment or facilities, a requirement that imposes substantial logistical difficulties, as all prayer books, chairs, door handles, restrooms, etc. would need to be cleansed and sanitized after each service.

We believe that our experience with offering virtual Bar and Bat Mitzvah services over the past few months has prepared us to develop meaningful remote services for the High Holy Days, ones that preserve our traditions and meet the spiritual and social needs of our congregants.Other congregations in the area are following the same path, and we’ll be touching base with them to exchange ideas for using technology to enhance our services.

We will inform you of our plans for the High Holy Days when they are more fully developed toward the end of August.  Until then, be in good health.
L’shanah tovah,
           Joel N. Abraham                                              Darcie Naomi Sharlein          
                    Rabbi                                                                    Cantor
              Bruce Harris                                                         Pam Brander
     Religious Practices Chair                                                    President

Temple Sholom High HolyDay Information 5781 – Fall 2020

NOTE: Please  CLICK HERE  to go to our online form where you can honor loved ones and support the Temple in various ways. Please read the information below BEFORE going to the form.


  • ON-LINE – Zoom conferencing information will be provided to members and ticket holders.  Livestream channel will be available on the Temple website
  • Although services will NOT be in person, some events may happen in the parking lot of by the stream. Please, if you are present at a socially distanced event, remain masked, six feet apart, and respectful of others’ health needs.


  • As the service will be virtual, no tickets will be needed.  Sign in information for the Zoom link will be e-mailed to our members, and available on a members-only access page on our website –
  • We will not send you a Zoom service link unless you are up-to-date (balance must be paid in full as shown on your August 2020 statement AND you must have submitted a Mishpakha pledge for 2020-21.*


  • We are not selling tickets, however ticket revenue has always been an important revenue source for the Temple. If you plan on sharing your sign-in with family members who would ordinarily need guest tickets, please consider making a donation in the amount you would have paid.  Historically, our ticket fees have been $75/individual or $125/family. 


  • If you will be attending services out of town & would like a High HolyDay Courtesy Request Form for a reciprocal URJ congregation, contact the office by September 7th.


  • We will be holding our family service at 9am on the first day of Rosh haShanah and Yom Kippur. A Zoom link will be available on our website.


  • While we do not need ushers in person this year, we are in need of people who can help out at the door of our virtual waiting room, monitoring the technology (from home) during the service, and helping provide tech support to members who need help signing on.  If you can do any of these tasks, even for one shift, please let us know.


  • High HolyDay Greeting - Send a personalized greeting to the congregation in our September Temple Topics – August 15th deadline.
  • High HolyDay Funds - Honor or memorialize family or friends. In the past, we have had six different funds: Childcare & Children’s Services, Security, Yom Kippur Musical Meditation, Break Fast, Shuttle Service & a general High HolyDay Fund. While we will not need funds for child care, break the fast, or shuttle service, our current situation does incur many additional costs for preparation and technology.  Please consider giving to the general High HolyDay Fund. Donations made by September 8th will be acknowledged in our (virtual) HolyDay programs. Minimum donation for listing in the program is $50. 
  • Book of Memory –. Remember your loved ones in this book which is placed in the Ark during the Yizkor Service alongside the Torahs at the Yizkor Service on Yom Kippur afternoon.  This year, we will be creating a virtual Book of Memory, which will be e-mailed to the congregation and other donors. A limited number of copies will be printed – one to be placed in the Ark, and others to those who request it be sent by mail. Submissions due September 1st. Donations are not required for a listing in the Book, but are encouraged.
  • Prayerbook Dedications – Dedicate a set of Mishkan haNefesh, our new High HolyDay prayerbook in memory or honor of your loved ones. You will have a dedication in an actual prayerbook, but donations will go to fund the prayer slides we will be using for the service. Contact the office to dedicate a set of prayerbooks.


*If you have any concerns, please contact Amy Levoy,, or Linda Nieporent, Treasurer,, or call 908-889-4900.

Sun, September 27 2020 9 Tishrei 5781