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HaMakom at Temple Sholom

As a major part of our 8th to 12th grade education program at Temple Sholom, we are proud to participate in HaMakom - a community Hebrew high school program in cooperation with several nearby synagogues.  Our students can enroll at the same rate as members of the other synagogues, meet other Jewish teens from the area, and learn across a wide range of subjects, programs, and even trips.


Community-wide gatherings - Four times a year, we will gather all of our HaMakom participants for a blow-out event at one of our partner congregations.  The Greater MetroWest Jewish Federation has helped to fund these events.  The first will be here at Temple Sholom, on Sunday, October 1st, in our Temple Sukkah. 

Trips - Individual congregations, or groups, may sponsor different trips during the year: A day trip to Ellis Island, a weekend trip to Washington, DC, or a social justice trip to the South. Each trip may involve a few prep sessions and then a debrief session afterward.  Trips may be different fees, based on the cost of the trip, and are payable to the congregation sponsoring the trip.

Classes - There are many opportunities for classes.  Temple Emanu-El in Westfield will continue to offer a variety of classes on Tuesday evenings (from 7 to 8:30pm). Each class will be 4 - 6 weeks, depending on the length of the trimester.  Congregation B'nei Israel in Scotch Plains will be offering different classes on Sunday afternoons.  Other congregations will be offering different classes at different times - and you can sign up for whichever ones  you want to attend. You can find the complete catalog here.

Trainings - Other planned offerings include training to be a shadow madrich for students who need the help; CPR with a Jewish lens, and more.


We encourage any of our teens to enroll in any classes, programs, trips, or opportunities that they wish.  However, to remain on track for Confirmation in 10th grade, there are a few requirements:

1) Year-round enrollment - each student is expected to take at least three courses or opportunities over the school year, as well as attend the four community gatherings. This allows students with an especially extracurricular activity season to make up classes in another trimester.

2) Core classes - Each grade from 8th - 10th will have a one trimester core class with their Temple Sholom peers.  8th grade learns about Reform Judaism with Rabbi Abraham. 9th grade will learn about Jewish ethics around relationships and personal space. 10th grade (see below) has a core class preparing for Confirmation with Rabbi Abraham. 

3) Membership - You are expected to remain family members of Temple Sholom. If there is any financial need - please reach out. We do not want to turn anyone away.


Confirmation has a long history at Temple Sholom, which includes the spring trip to Central Europe, and the class leading the service at which they are confirmed on Shavuot of the 10th grade year.  The class meets a few additional times - an opening BBQ to learn about the history of Confirmation at the beginning of the school year; a havdalah kallah at the Rabbi's house on a Saturday evening, followed by a themed trip into NYC on Sunday morning; the 10th grade core class on Jewish choices; a gathering a month before the Confirmation trip; the 9 day trip to Central Europe; a gathering upon return; 3-4 meetings to prepare and rehearse the Shavuot Confirmation service, and the service itself. Because of all of these requirements, Temple Sholom Confirmation students are only expected to take a HaMakom class in the 1st trimester, with the Confirmation core taking the 2nd trimester, and the trip and service the 3rd.  Traditionally, Confirmation classes have begun fundraising to aid in the cost of the trip the calendar year before the trip.


There will be a $100 yearly registration fee for each Temple Sholom student, to cover the costs of administration and overhead, here at the Temple.  Each class or trip (not the community-wide gatherings, which are free) has a set fee which is payable directly to the congregation that is hosting the class.  At Temple Sholom, our fees are based on the cost of the class, as our goal is to break even on the program.  The core class has a $75 fee for 8th and 9th grade and $100 for Confirmation (which includes the extra sessions.)

Register here:

Core Classes:

8th - Sundays, 5 to 7pm (dinner included) - 10/29, 11/5, 12, 19, 12/3

9th/10th - combined TBD


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