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Temple Sholom Financial Considerations during Coronavirus crisis

A letter from Linda Nieporent, Treasurer

Dear members,

Our clergy, our office staff, our teachers, and our lay leadership are all working hard to enable the Temple community to continue to worship (online) together, learn (online) together, and support each other through this difficult situation.

There is a lot of information here, but please bear with us and read through. There are links to how-to documents below.

  • Board members are reaching out to all members to check on their overall well-being, what help members can provide to others and what help congregants need. While we may not be able to help with everything, we will do our best to provide the help our community can and put people in touch with other resources that can help.
  • We will continue to process check payments, to the extent possible under the present circumstances, so please pay your bill. You can pay online using these instructions. If you are unable to pay right now or are in need of financial assistance to cover basic living expenses, contact Linda Nieporent or the Rabbi - or someone else in leadership if you are more comfortable. Be assured that any information you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • If you can, please contribute to the Congregants’ Emergency Fund. See instructions for donating online.
  • Buy scrip
  • We also need to be thinking about next fiscal year. Letters to request your Mishpakha pledge amount for next year will be going out soon.
    • We realize you may be more uncertain than usual as to what your pledge should be. Please do your best, and for now assume life will be relatively back to normal by fall.
    • Of course, should circumstances change, we will adjust as needed.
    • But also recall the Temple is a critical resource for our community at times like this and we (all) need to keep it running.
    • These letters will be going out by email (everything is going virtual right now) to all members we can reach that way.

If you have any questions or need help with this process, reach out to Linda:

cell: 908-420-3871

Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782