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Temple Sholom Scrip Program


You can offset a portion of your dues by participating in our Scrip program? Scrip is a program whereby the Temple purchases gift cards at a reduced rate and Temple members purchase these cards at face value. The difference between the reduced rate and face value is what is credited to your account.   

Consider buying scrip for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and all your gift-giving needs!

How Does it Work?

  • Temple members are asked to complete an annual pledge card as part of the Mishpakah program, our new voluntary contribution modelOn the pledge card you were asked if you wanted to offset your pledge with rebates from Scrip purchases, and you committed to an amount that will be offset by Scrip rebates. 
  • Scrip program participants will be asked to complete an enrollment form either before or when making their first purchase. The form will indicate how you would like your Scrip rebates applied.  Scrip rebates can be applied as either an offset to membership pledges, a donation to the Temple, or as cash-back payment to the purchaser (an administrative fee applies for option 3). 
  • If you choose to offset a portion of your membership pledge with Scrip, that amount will be deferred on your bill until the end of the fiscal year. Whatever scrip rebates you earn during the year will be deducted from your final bill. If you do not meet your stated amount of Scrip rebates, the outstanding balance will be added to your final bill. If you exceed your commitment, any excess rebates you earned will be considered a tax deductible donation to the Temple.
  • To apply Scrip rebates as an offset to membership pledges, you must commit to an amount on your annual pledge card at the beginning of the fiscal year. If you did not specify that you wanted to offset your pledge amount with Scrip rebates on your pledge card, any rebates from Scrip purchases you make that year will be considered a tax deductible donation to the Temple.

Where Can I Purchase Scrip?

  1. Purchase in-stock cards at the Temple office anytime, or on Sundays during Religious School hours. We carry ShopRite, Stop & Shop, ACME, Kings, Whole Foods, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Panera Bread.
  2. If you wish to order a card that's not in stock, you can order online. Visit where you can browse and order gift cards from hundreds of your favorite merchants and restaurants. You will need to create an account on the site and enter the Temple Sholom enrollment code to get started.  Then simply order the cards you like and bring cash or a check to the Temple office. Your order becomes part of a larger Temple order that is shipped to the Temple at no charge to you.  We’ll let you know when your order comes in, and you can pick it up during regular office hours or during Sunday school.  We place an online order about once a month, and notify members through The Flame newsletter that an order will be placed soon.  
  3. If you want to place an order and receive your cards right away use ScripNow & PrestoPay. You can choose to have your purchases deducted directly from your checking account using PrestoPay.  That can save you a trip to the Temple to pay for your order. And, if you want to place an order online and receive your cards right away, you can order electronic gift cards called ScripNow, which are delivered via email. To get them right away you would need to use PrestoPay. There is a convenience fee of $0.15 per order when using PrestoPay.
  4. If you prefer to use a credit card, visit If you use a credit card, your rebates will be reduced, so it's always better to use cash or a check, however, for those big projects where you prefer to use a credit card, this is a great option!

Login as a member then click here to get enrollment codes and more information on ordering Scrip online. (You must be logged in to see that page.)

Still unclear?  Please feel free to direct any questions to Linda Nieporent, our Treasurer and scrip coordinator,

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Sh'vat 5783