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Temple Sholom Scrip Program

The Temple Sholom Scrip Program allows members to purchase gift cards (scrip) at face value and the Temple receives a percentage as a rebate. The rebate amount is credited to the member's account as a tax-deductible donation.

How Does it Work?

  •  You can purchase scrip:
    • at the Temple office - we keep a select set of cards on hand (and are open to suggestion of different ones to carry) for immediate purchase
    • from RaiseRight (through their website or using the RaiseRight app on your mobile device)
      • scrip is available as either physical gift cards or eScrip (some brands offer both)
      • payment methods:
        • PrestoPay (highly recommended - fastest after initial setup) from a linked bank account
        • Credit card (fee applies)
        • check or cash to the office or Temple online payment for physical cards that will be shipped to the Temple
      • delivery methods
        • eScrip paid for by PrestoPay or credit cards is emailed or in your scrip wallet within minutes (really seconds usually)
        • some physical cards (paid via PrestoPay or credit card) can be shipped via USPS directly to your home for a small fee
        • physical cards can be combined with a Temple inventory order; you pick them up from the Temple once they come in (paid via PrestoPay, credit card, or payment to the Temple directly)
      • from UnitedScrip / ScripZone
        • scrip is available as either physical gift cards or eScrip (some brands offer both)
        • payment methods:
          • ePay (fastest after initial setup) from a linked bank account
          • payment directly to the Temple for orders delivered with Temple inventory orders
          • credit card for eGift ScripToGo orders
  • Scrip rebates are credited to member accounts twice a year:
    • in January for purchases between June and December
    • in June for purchases between January and May
    • If you do not meet your required amount of Scrip rebates, the outstanding balance will be added to your final (June) bill for direct payment. If you exceed your commitment, any excess rebates you earned will be considered a tax deductible donation to the Temple.
  • Scrip program participants will be asked to complete an enrollment form either before or when making their first purchase. The form will indicate how you would like your Scrip rebates applied. Scrip rebates beyond the required amount can be applied as either a donation to the Temple or as a cashback payment to the purchaser (an administrative fee applies for this option).

Things to know:

  1. Purchase in-stock cards at the Temple office or on Sundays during Religious School hours. We carry ShopRite, Stop & Shop, ACME, Kings, Whole Foods, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, The Home Depot, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Panera Bread. We also currently have Chipotle, Subway and Walmart. Let us know what you'd like to hold in inventory.
  2. The RaiseRight and ScripZone websites off a WIDE variety of other gift cards. On each, you will need to create an account on the site and enter the Temple Sholom enrollment code to get started.   
  3. Each gift card - by brand and denomination (on each site) - has its own rebate percentage. Our highest volume sales are the grocery stores (ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Acme) @ 5%. Some stores give lower percentages (e.g. Amazon 1.7-2%) while others are higher (e.g. Lands End - 14-15%). 
  4. Bonuses - RaiseRight offers bonus rebate percentages for limited times on various cards - you can sign up for email notifications or see them in the app.
  5. Grocery cards - the Temple purchases cards directly from ShopRite, Stop and Shop and Acme, for a higher percentage (5%) than is available on the vendor web sites - so please purchase directly from the Temple inventory whenever possible. 

Consider buying scrip for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and all your gift-giving needs!

Log in as a member then click here to get enrollment codes and more information about ordering Scrip online. (You must be logged in to see that page.)

Questions? Feel free to direct any questions to Linda Nieporent, our scrip coordinator at

Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784