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Religious School student login

For security and other reasons, certain religious school pages require a member or student login, including the online learning classrooms and the video prayer library.

Your student's own email address may be a recognized member email. You can try to obtain a login password for that email by going to the "Login" link in the top right of any page and using the "Forgot password" function. If it is recognized, you'll receive login instructions at that address.

Or your student may use a generic student login, which you can get by emailing Linda Nieporent or calling/texting her at 908-420-3871.

A parent's temple login would work but isn't recommended because of access it may allow on the website for payments and other potentially sensitive areas.

If you have trouble or questions, please reach out to Linda.

Thu, January 28 2021 15 Sh'vat 5781