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Book of Memory Submission

On Yom Kippur, Temple Sholom publishes a BOOK OF MEMORY, a tradition in Jewish congregations. This book includes a listing of the names of deceased loved ones (listed under your name) and includes prayers for remembrance used for the Yizkor Memorial Service on Yom Kippur afternoon. The word Yizkor means 'remembrance.'

The BOOK OF MEMORY is placed in the Ark during the Yizkor Memorial Service alongside the Torahs and will stay in our Ark.

If you had an entry in last year's book, you can see it here. If you would like to add any names or otherwise change your entry, include that information below. If you did not have an entry, include the needed information below:

A donation to the Temple is customary and an appropriate tribute and is an important part of our High HolyDay tribute income. While there is no required donation, you do need to respond to make sure your names appear in the book. If we do not hear from you for two years since your last submission, we assume you do not want the entry any longer and we remove it.

Deadline: September 1st

We, of course, hope that you will be able to join us for the Yizkor service on October 5th at 5:15pm. Please call the Temple if you are unable to attend the service but would like to receive a copy of the book. If you lost someone in the past year and would like to honor them by lighting one of the seven candles in the Yizkor service, please let us know. We assign the candles in order of requests.

Please enter new info below:
- Donor name(s) heading
- Name and relationship of each departed loved one you would like to honor

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783