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Family Track Psalms Activity!

Shalom Temple Families,

We had a fantastic first Family Track of Trimester 2  - December 9th.

Thanks to all 15 families who braved the snow storm to join us. We had a great time with lots of learning, laughs and a fantastic dinner. 

As our Trimester theme is the Book of Writings, each family created their own Psalm.

Here are a few samples I thought you might enjoy:

Thank you God for giving us family. Our family is love that we share with you and you share with us. (Piezas family)

When I am on stage, you lift me up, O God. Up into the great holy heavens of the earth. Thank you, O God, for family vacations that give us quality time with loved ones. Blessed are you, God creator of the fruit of the vine. (Pierces)

Thanks for love, family and hope. You bless us with all three. Without these, life would be empty. When we go home and worship at night, we look to you to guide us with your insights. (anonymous)

Thank you, God, for holidays - For Chanukkah and Shabbat. We had a busy week, but now we can rest. We reflect on our week and share what was good. On Chanukah, we light the menorah, eat latkes and spin dreidels. It is so nice to celebrate together. (Sharleins)

Thank you God for all you've done. You have brought happiness to me. I am grateful for our good health and our wonderful community. My house is warm. My clothes are soft. You are the brighest of the bright even in the darkest of dark. Thank you God for all you've done. (Lipsky/MacDonald)


Thu, May 28 2020 5 Sivan 5780